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Apply online to replace your lost, damaged Umalusi certificates



To replace your lost or damaged Umalusi certificates, submit an online application.

The newly implemented online application system for the replacement of lost or damaged certificates has been formally introduced by Umalusi.

Standards for the GET phase are set and monitored by Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training. Additionally, it issues certificates that allow their holders to enroll in higher education programs or apply for jobs.

It revealed that applicants can now apply directly to Umalusi to replace their lost or damaged certificates using the system from any location using a cellphone or personal computer.

The turnaround time and costs associated with replacing a lost or damaged certificate have been drastically decreased because of the new method. At the cost of R137, a candidate can collect a replacement certificate from Umalusi within two working days of the application.

An alternative is to pay R202, which includes R137 for the certificate and R65 for the courier expenses, to have the certificate sent to their preferred physical address in South Africa within seven working days.

The higher education community has applauded this action and stated that online results verification will be highly beneficial to institutions of higher learning throughout registration periods.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), another presenter at the webinar, discussed a comparable system that handles all examination-related inquiries and has been in operation in Kenya since July 2018.


You can apply for an Umalusi replacement certificate online using the following steps:

Step 1: Register online

Registering on the Umalusi replacement certificate website is the first step. Details like your name and last name, country, birth date, gender, and physical/postal address are required.

Step 2: Create a request

Create a request once you have logged in and registered an account. Give specifics like the year you obtained the qualification and, if it’s available, the name of the institution. Include a description of the qualification for which you are applying a substitute. These consist of:

  • National Certificate Vocational
  • National Certificate (N3)
  • National Senior Certificate (matric)
  • Senior Certificate
  • General and Further Education Certificate
  • Amended Senior Certificate
  • ABET Level 4

Upload a signed document detailing the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, or damage of your original certificate after choosing the qualification. This affidavit should be obtained from a police station.

Post a certified copy of your identity document after that. Finally, decide how you want your new certificate to be sent before making your purchase. You have the option of picking up your order at the Umalusi office in Pretoria or having it delivered.

Step 3: Collection

The certificate must be picked up from the Umalusi office as the final step. The holding time is seven days if you decide to have it delivered by courier.


“A request for a replacement certificate obtained before November 1992 can be made from any of the Departments of Education and the same procedure followed. However, it should be noted that this certificate will be printed by the relevant Assessment Body and not Umalusi. The processing time is 1 to 3 weeks under normal circumstances,” Umalusi explains.

“It should be noted that the previous certificate is cancelled when a replacement certificate is issued. Should it happen that a candidate finds a certificate that was lost/replaced, then the candidate should know that the certificate is invalid.”

For more information about replacing lost or damaged certificates visit the following link

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